Saturday, August 4, 2012


Ann Dunlap, Aug 3, 2012

The One in whom all glory dwelt, full of truth and grace;
Enthroned on high was worshipped, as each seraph hid his face.
‘Holy! Holy! Holy!’ was the song the angels sang;
Echoed in creation, His eternal praises rang.
But man remained opposed to His Lordship from on high.
And so to make His name renown, He left His homey sky.
Incarnate Lord in human flesh, His glory thickly veiled;
Emmanuel on mortal soil, yet still in Heaven hailed.
We beheld His holiness, full of truth divine;
And still we did not know Him as branches know the vine.
His healing hands reached out in love to give sight to the blind,
To raise the dead, unstop the ear, the lame legs to unbind.
Only man, asleep in pride’s firm grip, rejected Glory’s reach,
While sin demanded payment of law’s disregarded breach.
Again, Love’s healing hands reached out, this time so brutally nailed;
Glory’s blood completely spilled, man’s pridefulness prevailed.
Not thwarted though, the light of Hope, undimmed, shone brighter still;
For sin was not victorious against His perfect will!
In this act of Providence, the veil which hid His face,
Was by Him torn asunder, revealing Love’s great grace.
The Spirit poured out on elected Man to know His Lord,
Bought pardon, sonship, holiness, only God could e’re afford.
Now stand we righteous children, gathered ‘round His heavenly throne,
Where all eternal glory is ascribed to Him alone.


  1. Lauren said:
    Double awesome! I LOVE it! I wish I could write poems. I guess I should try sometime, maybe I'll do it sometime in the future. I have learned a lot about poetry in a English class I took, so I'll have to put it to good use :)
    I'll plan on reading Daniel chapter 9 today!

  2. Genius! Pure poetry, u need to start publishing these!