Monday, March 9, 2015

A new hurdle...

Last week I had a routine mammogram. I wonder how many stories start out with those very same words? Anyway, I had actually forgotten about the mammogram until I received a call from their office today while I was at work. It seems that something "showed up" in my left breast. Some irregular, focal, dense, yada yada and some other words...the scheduler lost me after "something showed up". So I have "additional tests" scheduled for next week, and I am absolutely not supposed to worry about this at all. Obviously the scheduler doesn't know me. As much as I would prefer not to worry, it is physically impossible. I was born to a worrier. It's in my DNA. My track record stinks for health issues. I've already had thyroid cancer, and they say that women who have had thyroid cancer are much more likely to develop a second type of cancer within ten years.

Of course it doesn't help that this is coming at a time spiritual disconnect and relational turmoil with those with whom we were in fellowship. I want to trust God. I've had big talk over how easy it was to trust God in the past with all the other stuff. Maybe once I know for sure what's going on, the trust will happen. That saying from a dear old saint in CA rings true - "you don't need the ticket till it's time to get on the train."

I've been following the story of Kara Tippetts, author of The Hardest Peace, fairly closely. I want to have her courage and faith. I want to be around for a long time, especially in Lizzie's life. She needs me, and I love that. I want to meet that need well into her adulthood. And anyway, I could be hit by a bus tomorrow and never have to face the "additional tests" anyway...


  1. Hey Ann ... I came here via Sunday Women for a quick visit and just want to encourage you that I will say a word for you. I soooooo understand how these 'surprises' appear at the times that we feel less that spiritually fit to handle them .... bleh to relational turmoil and spiritual disconnect ... thank the Lord that in spite of all stuff that goes on here on planet earth ... He never disconnects from us ... I pray He encourages to the depths of your soul and brings some relational encouragement your way soon!

  2. Hi Shelley,
    Thanks so very much for taking the time to stop by to encourage me! I really appreciate your comments. I know God is sovereign and working in all things, and that He's intimately involved in every aspect of my life. I've got to keep my eyes on Him!
    Grace &b peace,

  3. By the bio on Sunday Women says that I'm 70. Actually I'll be 50 this month! LOL!!

  4. Ah yes, that Sovereign rule and reign is the only thing that keeps us sane at times ... he knows our days and he remembers that we are just dust ... I hope this is a better week for you ;-) PS Happy for you that you're not 70! ;-) And congratulations on the big 50!!!